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Dekton: A new, ultra compact surface by Cosentino – Colonial Craft Kitchens, Inc.

Dekton by Cosentino


In the kitchen business, we get excited when companies unveil a totally new product. Cosentino, the world’s leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces has released a new, ultra compact surface called, Dekton. This product has a variety of uses such as countertops, shower surrounds and even flooring and outdoor building surfaces. With years of research behind it, Dekton’s major selling point is it’s durability. Composed of simplified minerals that undergo a sped-up, metamorphic process similar to what the earth does over thousands of years, Dekton is a super dense and tough material that actually requires special tooling to cut the product. It’s easy to say it’s tough, but words only mean so much until you can actually see tough for yourself. Below is a video from Cosentino that shows the durability of Dekton.

Some tough stuff, right? If you’d like more information about Dekton, you can visit their website at

To see Dekton in person, you can visit our showroom to see the most current samples available. We’d also be happy to give you an estimate to put Dekton in your home.

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