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Latest Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Latest Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Technology evolves. It took a device that was the size of a lunch box, put it in your hand and gave it the functionality of a small computer. I’m talking about cell phones, of course. Just as cell phones and countless other things have evolved over the years, kitchen lighting has, as well. Fluorescent lighting and halogen bulbs are losing their market command to the much more efficient and durable, LED lighting. This article will explore the latest trends in kitchen lighting.

Track Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Although a little on the contemporary side, track lighting is a super versatile lighting solution for just about any space. It can provide general, everyday lighting, but with a simple movement, it turns into the perfect accent light.


LED Puck Lighting

Latest Trends In Kitchen Lighting

Puck lights have been around for a long time, but they’ve been known to burn out rather quickly if they are used constantly. With the introduction of the white LED, the traditional halogen bulbs were replaced. Not only are the LED lights energy efficient, but they are also very cool to the touch, even if they have been on for hours.


LED Tape Lights

Latest Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Another example of LED technology is the LED Tape Light. These lights are the king in versatility. With its maximum thickness of only an 8th of an inch, they can be manipulated and placed just about anywhere. On some versions of the LED tape light, an adhesive backing is available making installation even more effortless.

Ceiling Pendant Lighting

Latest Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Pendant lights are becoming a very popular choice for kitchen lighting. With over a 360 degree lighting surface, these lights can really brighten up a space. They are often placed above sinks, the kitchen table placed in line up with an island. Pendant lighting is also available in LEDs.




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