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If you’ve driven past our showroom in Annville, Pennsylvania over the past five years, you’ve probably seen a fairly large cabinet sitting outside on the sidewalk. You’ve probably even asked yourself, “What’s that cabinet doing outside in the weather?” That’s a question that we get ALL the time and we’ve even had some people call us to say that it’s raining outside and we should bring the cabinet inside. Although a traditional cabinet wouldn’t be able to withstand the elements without showing signs of failure over just a few weeks, our cabinet has weathered all four seasons of those five years with little signs of deterioration. But how?

The secret to our outdoor cabinetry’s durability isn’t really a secret at all. It’s all about quality building techniques and materials. Crafted out of natural, Australian Cypress, which is a very dense and durable wood, the cabinetry has natural, waterproofing qualities. The finish that was used to seal the cabinet is a product that is also used to waterproof wood boats. So yeah, this cabinet was built to last!

All the details aside, it’s summer and the time of year that is best enjoyed outdoors. More and more, people are skipping vacation and opting to create an outdoor oasis in their own backyard complete with outdoor furniture and outdoor cabinetry. No longer is it just about turning on the grill and cooking up some burgers and franks. These outdoor spaces are virtually, fully functional kitchens, usually complete with a cooking surface, such as a grill or outdoor range, refrigeration, sink and food preparation and cleanup area. And, just like ¬†indoor cabinetry, outdoor cabinetry can take on a variety of styles and be constructed out of different materials, too.

Starting a new outdoor living space project and are in need of outdoor cabinetry? Give us a call or send an email! We’d love to discuss your project with you.

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