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Lebanon County Kitchen Showroom - Colonial Craft Kitchens

With the dream to use his artistic ability, coupled with the skills of a master craftsman, Jerry Hoffsmith opened his own custom cabinetry shop in 1983. He purchased a historic building in Annville, Pennsylvania located at 344 West Main Street. The building that served the community since the 1800’s as different retail and food stores was renovated to serve as Colonial Craft Kitchen’s first manufacturing facility and showroom. Through the years, as the company grew, Jerry relocated the manufacturing facility to Hershey. This allowed the showroom to be expanded into an extensive two story showroom with more than 20 inspirational, custom cabinetry displays.

In time, Colonial Craft Kitchens grew from just Jerry, to a fully staffed, well recognized industry leader. To date, Colonial Craft Kitchens consists of a design team which works closely with each client to create a concept, skilled craftsmen that make the concept a reality, and installers that take the concept to completion. Throughout the years, Colonial Craft Kitchens has won numerous awards, been recognized by various magazines, and was even featured on HGTV’s episode of, “America’s Top 10 Amazing Kitchens”. Along with their credible recognitions, Colonial Craft Kitchens’ clients have been their number one means of advertisement. This is because they ensure their clients 100% satisfaction on every project. Colonial Craft Kitchens’ job is not done until their clients are completely satisfied with their products and workmanship.

The cabinetry that is designed and manufactured by Colonial Craft is an all wood, fully custom, product. It is handmade locally for each client’s specific needs. They work closely with their clients to achieve the desired result that will last for decades to come.

In 2008, Colonial Craft Kitchens embarked on a new line of cabinetry: Colonial Craft Hideaways USA. This venture has been an interesting one that has taken them as far away as the Safari Club Show in Dallas, Texas. Please visit the Hideaways page to learn more.

Colonial Craft Kitchens is grateful for their abilities and talents and recognize them as Gifts from the Lord. They are committed to using those gifts to their full potential. Their desire is to please you, their client and the Giver of the gifts.

Green Manufacturing

“Knowing that this Earth is part of God’s awesome creation, and that He allows us to experience it’s beauty, I am glad to do my part in keeping it clean. As the owner of Colonial Craft Kitchens, I have made changes to the materials, supplies, and equipment we use to keep up with the growing “green” trend. I decided to do this not because it is popular among consumers, but because I feel it is important that we all take responsibility for the Earth’s condition. The blue skies and green on the ground are gifts, not to be dis-respected, and I will personally do what I can to make sure I leave it for my children and their children as I received it.”

-Jerry Hoffsmith, President
Colonial Craft Kitchens Inc.

Green Manufacturing Process


Our Mission

Reflecting the hearts of our clients in Central Pennsylvania and beyond with unique and innovative hand-crafted cabinetry while bringing honor to Jesus Christ and reinvesting in our business, our people and our community.