Our Process

Each and every one of our custom cabinetry projects starts somewhere. We believe that building or remodeling home can be an emotional experience. It’s our desire to create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and a product that exceeds your needs for many years to come. So what exactly does it look like to work with Colonial Craft Kitchens?

First Contact

Tell us about your project – We’d love for you to visit our showroom to get a feel for the kind of product that we create. We have over 20 completely unique displays that are designed to, in a sense, “get the wheels turning.”  We’d also like to talk about the details of your project. What space will you need cabinetry for? Are you building a new space or renovating? If the proposed space is completely new, we will need to get a set of dimensioned plans from you. If you’re doing a renovation, we’d like to come out to view your space, personally, and get detailed dimensions. After we receive all the information we need, we’ll begin the drawing process.


Now, we get to work. – Once we have the dimensions of your space, using computer based software, we can create a floorplan. This floorplan starts with the walls, then the windows and doors and finally, the utilities. Exact placement of each of those elements ensures that other items such as appliances are where they need to be. Next begins the fun part – figuring out the best cabinetry layout. We’ll do our best to create a layout that not only looks incredible, but is completely functional for you and your family. After the floorplan design has been developed, elevation views or “front views” are drawn to show the details of the cabinetry. When the design is complete, we’ll put a price to the cabinetry in the form of a formal estimate.


We show you what we got – When the design has been developed, we’ll have you come back into our showroom. In this meeting, we’ll show you the detailed drawings as well as a thorough explanation behind the different elements of the design. If you see something you’d like changed, we’ll make a note of it and revise our drawings.


Where the design becomes tangible – The selection process is where your space will begin to come alive. During this meeting, we will guide you through the final design, followed by an in-depth look at door styles, finish colors, cabinet hardware and countertop styles. Your designer will assist you in picking items that will work perfectly with the rest of your house.

Final Pricing and Agreement

Putting it all together – Following the selections meeting, the pricing will be compiled and placed into a formal agreement document. This document spells out the different details of the project as well as giving a complete price with installation included.


Your cabinetry takes shape – Once we have your “seal of approval”, we’re ready to build. We’ll take the design and selections to our own manufacturing facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania where we will carefully review your project with our Production Manager. After the review is complete, the Production Manager will deliver the project to the hands of our capable craftsman who take the drawings and description and turn them into actual cabinetry. We even offer tours of our facility if you’d like to see your cabinetry being built!

Delivery and Installation

Your cabinetry has arrived – After the cabinetry has been constructed and a finish applied, it gets packed into one our shipping vehicles and delivered to your home. The delivery driver will meet our installer on-site, the cabinets will be unloaded and the installation process will begin. Depending on the size of your project, completion of installation can take a week for smaller projects, to a few weeks for larger, multi-area projects. If you decide to go through us for your countertops, we will coordinate the templating date as well as the installation of your countertop. 

After all the planning and final installation, your project is complete and it’s time to enjoy your new, beautiful space.

Have a question for us? We’d be happy to help you out.